50 years is inspired by Civilization 5 and many other turn-based strategies. My purpose is to create a turn-based strategy with short playtime but high replayability and deep game mechanics.

I really like Civilization 5 game, but it took me several days to finish it. So i decide to make a shorter strategy game that I can play a few times in the evening.

Here is it. I am not native english speaker so it may be some mistakes in the game's text. Please tell me about them :)


21.06.15 - now webGL is not required for html5 version
03.07.15 - version 0.6.9 - religion rebalancing
25.07.15 - version 0.7.0
29.07.15 - version 0.7.2 - buildings balance changes


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Nice game! Would be awesome if the webgl version would save the progress when you close the browser.

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I guess a slight mistake in the text would be Eskimo -- I am Canadian and the correct term is Inuit. Otherwise great game! 


Defeat. You held out for 49 years.

Damn! Very hard Romanians.

Hydra is OP, but I like it :D

Nice game, especially for alpha.

nice game ! I'd love to see more (or an android version...)

I have noticed a mistake though : you exchanged the word "statistic" between the french and spanish version